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It's an Amazon-Eat-Buy-Button World Out There

It happens without warning, always. Just ask the authors in the U.K., well published by major houses, who woke up to find their Buy Buttons had gone missing. No "pardon the inconvenience" e-note from Seattle, just a quiet severing of ties with a few million customers. It's happened here in the U.S., too, more times than you know. See, the folks at Amazon have a headlock on the online book world, and they tend to get carried away. That's why we developed We'll keep an eye on your Buy Buttons, checking daily to make sure they're safe. If they're AWOL, we'll let you know by e-mail. We'll also let you know when they return.

Sometimes, Buy Buttons leave for good reason. Your book can go out of stock, for example. (You want to know that, too, right?) Know the difference between just doing business and nasty business. Go to Buy-Buttonology: a Field Guide to Amazon's Book Pages.